Tiger “Balm”?

"Does this stuff work on a bruised ego?"

So this is what it’s come to for Tiger Woods.  The man who once commanded nearly $100 million a year in endorsements from the likes of AT&T, Accenture and Gatorade is now going to hawk a heat rub in Japan.  (Actually, wasn’t it his penchant for “heat rubs” that got Tiger in trouble in the first place?  But I digress…)  Specifically, the product is Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa.  The Wall Street Journal reported the story yesterday, but terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

“Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa”.  I think that’s more words than Tiger speaks in a typical post-round interview.  But perhaps the saddest part of this story is where Tiger Woods finds himself among the long list of celebrity endorsers.  A company called Marketing Arm measures the relative influence celebrities have with consumers.  Before the Escalade-meets-fire-hydrant incident, Tiger’s influence was on par with Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athlete/pitchmen of all time.  Now, according to Marketing Arm, Tiger is closer on that scale to Steven Seagal.  Steven Seagal!

Unless things pick up and Tiger gets to 18 or 19 majors, we can look for him to be on late-night cable 20 years from now selling reverse mortgages.

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